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Something to visualize

  • a transparent plane, like a big bed sheet
  • this plane, and planes like it, have resonant vibrations (they have a certain amt of tension, thickness, etc)
  • call the first plane {economics}
    • give it a unique color for identification
    • color can be correlated to frequency for visualization
  • sheets are viewed in a stack, although sheets may intersect each other and be otherwise non-perpendicular
  • planes are probably never flat, but rippled and moving
  • the movement of planes interact with each other (wind, storms, quakes)
  • events on one plane causes ripples upon others
    • angle of incidence will be important with regards to other sheets
    • thunder and lightning on the {economics} plane cause ripples on the other planes
    • the intersection of non-local ripples on one plane can create harmonically amplified ripples on other planes
    • amplitude modulated? I've seen it on an o-scope, but not in 3-d
    • qualities of other planes?
  • throw in 3 extra planes for biorhythm, just for grins
    • body-centric frequencies are probably in a spectrum like visual light (lower in body, larger muscles, lower frequency)
    • don't forget that smell and taste are based on the frequency of molecule
    • body frequencies correlated to emotion, e.g.gave me a head rush, touched my heart, made my stomach turn, had to change my pants
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